Recent WSO Lessons Learned

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WSO by the way, stands for a warrior Special Offer – the offer is only available at the Warrior Forum.

I learned (and its not such a bad thing as you’ll see why) that if you get your offer together in a hurry, eagle eyed warriors (and there are a lot out there) will soon spot your weaknesses

It’s important that you don’t fall into the trap and take these weaknesses to heart as they can be worked on and tweaked to improve both your sales letter and your offer.

It also cuts down the amount of questions in the thread!

Copy and paste the questions that people ask about the product etc into a document so that you have access to them all in one spot.

  1. Go through each question or comment individually and ask yourself, is this an question (or objection) about the product?
  2. Go to the sales letter and answer the objection or question – it will enhance the sales letter even more.
  3. If its a query about the product and its something glaring that you’ve missed out or overlooked, go and tweak the product.

By the end of the WSO you’ll have a far better performing sales letter that you could set up outside of the Warrior Forum, and you’ll have a much better product too.

Set up a new delivery system – jvzoo is ideal as the better perfoming letter will attract affiliates . . .

Send some traffic to the sales letter and you’ll have a win win situation 🙂