Generate extra money fast, with services

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As an online business owner you know that it takes time to start generating the passive income you’re so looking forwarding to receiving. Sometimes, it takes long enough that instead of dipping into savings to support your fledging business you make a choice: Shut Down or Provide Services.

That’s right, you can provide services if you want to generate some fast cash to support your business. If you’re to the point now where the business is built, you’re adding steady content, you’re doing all the marketing functions that you can, and now you simply need cash, adding services may be just the thing you need to get your business over the hump.

Here are some ideas for extra products and services that you can add to your current business.

Content Services

From blogging, to creating eBooks for others, you can create content and get paid for it. Business owners are always looking for ways to get keyword rich content on their websites. From rewriting private label content, to writing original content, to posting that content on websites and blogs for the client, there are services that you can offer that all relate in some way to content.

Think for a moment of the lifecycle of a blog post.

  • Write the Blog
  • Edit & Format the Blog
  • Post the Blog
  • Promote the Blog Post
  • Share the Blog Post
  • Rewrite Post for Newsletter
  • Rewrite Post as an Article
  • Repeat

This is basically what happens to every blog post you write. If you offer those services to others, you can create an entire income stream based on any one or all of these services. Imagine the cycle of other content items you can create, and offer services around that cycle. If you prefer, only offer the writing portion, or only offer services of the posting portion. It’s up to you what services you offer, and how often you want to offer it.

Graphic Design Services

You don’t have to be terrific at Graphic Design to offer basic services. You can offer most needed services by using a free program called GIMP. Creating basic banners, buttons, eBook and eReport covers isn’t very difficult. The client provides the information, as well as a basic description of what they want, any stock photography they need, and you simply put it all together. You can make $60 per hour, or more, providing this type of graphic design.

Website Security Services

Some people need general monthly maintenance on their WordPress websites. If you have this skill, you can offer this to others. Backing up their site, adding plugins, and other security issues can be handled on a quarterly basis for clients. You can make about 100 dollars per client, per quarter by offering this service. You do need the technical knowledge to do this service, but if you do it for yourself accurately, then you can do it for others.

Keyword Research

A very valuable service to offer is Keyword Research. Many people who want to start online businesses need keyword research. A really awesome aspect of this type of service is that it’s kind of fun because you will learn a lot about keywords as well as other niche ideas. If you save your research, you can adjust it slightly for each client within the same niche, enabling you to get paid more for less work.

If you give it some thought, you can come up with services to add to your online business for the short term to help you infuse cash into your business while you work toward profitability.

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