Add Social Media Marketing Services to your Online Business

Do you have an online business that isn’t providing enough money yet, and you’re worried you won’t make it if you can’t bring in money right now? The very best way to bring in immediate money is to start providing a service. A really hot service right now, is Social Media Marketing Services.

This would include tasks such as:

• Setting up Social Media Accounts — From writing the profile, to providing custom graphics, you can help clients set up their social media accounts. You have already done it for yourself, so you know how to do it, now simply offer it is a service to others to help you generate money.
• Populating Social Media Accounts with Content — Social media accounts need content, you can create content ideas, the content, or any portion of this and charge a fee for your service.
• Providing Regular Updates and Content — Social media accounts, by their very nature, are social, and require constant updating. Provide continuous monitoring and updating as a service.
• Sharing Other Content via Social Media — When a client puts up an article, it helps if that article, blog or other content is shared via more social media networks than their own. Offering to share via your social media network, other people’s content is another valuable service related to social media marketing.

These are all services that you can charge for either by the project, the account, or by the hour to complete. If you charged by the hour about $20 to $40 per hour, and just worked five hours a week, you can generate $100 to $200 a week that you can spend on your business. Remember, that while you do need to claim the income from this endeavor, if you turn around and spend it on developing your real business, it then becomes a tax write off. Earn $200 but then turn around and spend $200 and you essentially break even until you start out earning your expenses. Certainly, with a few more dollars to spend on your business you’ll make money faster. Why? Because, you have to spend money to make money!

To add social media marketing services to your business all you need to have is your normal Internet connection, and the knowledge of how to set up the accounts. You can go through one, and write down all the information you need for each account, create a simple form using Google Documents, that you send to each new client. Then you just cut and paste their information into the right areas for the client.

After that, you simply make a schedule in which you check your client(s) accounts on a regular basis, use some sort of billing software or spreadsheet to keep track of time, then bill your clients on a regular basis for this service. Avoid the temptation to spend this money on going out to eat, and having fun. Spend the money on advancing your real Internet business so that you can drop the services in a few months when your business is more successful. While providing services and trading hours for dollars is an easy way to bring home income, it’s not desirable for the long term if you want to create a passive income stream.

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