About me

My wife, Sian (pronounced Sharn and is Welsh for Jane) and I live as far out of the City of Manchester , UK  as you can get – about 12 miles North East of the city (thank goodness . . . I’m a country loving guy!).


We are located right in the foothills of the Pennine Hills. They are a bunch of hills that run down the backbone of Northern England into Scotland.


It is a modest 3 bedroom home – but one of the reasons why we bought the property back in  in 1986 was it had some beautiful views over a nice golf course and the Pennine Hills . . . and it was cheap!


Every morning, without fail, I feel grateful (and spoilt) for being able to live in such a beautiful area of the UK as we look out of our front windows – did I mention the view? 🙂


That is, until it snows!


The house is built on a small hill (hence the great views), but because it faces North, in winter we feel the full artic blasts hitting our home. Consequently, our cars (which are parked on a lane below our house) are often covered with snow and need digging out. Consequently, on those few occasions we get snowed in – we do – literally!


We don’t normally take posh hotel vacations (my kids think we should take cruises on the sea more often though) – my wife and I like to drive over to Northern France and spend some time in our holiday place that we have over there in Normandy.


Another of our favourite spots in France @ St Gilles Croix de Vie, Vendee, SW France

For you people who like geography and history, our place is located about 20 minutes from the beaches where the allied troops landed on what is now known as D-Day which was the beginning of the end of World War 2.


It is located right in the middle of the Cherbourg peninsula in France, where the American 82nd and 101st Airborne Division was helped by British and other allied troops to liberate that particular part of France from the German occupation.


It’s a beautiful part of France that constantly reminds iteslf of those awful times.


There’s nothing I enjoy more than to sample the local cuisine (the seafood is to die for) and wine which is SO reasonably priced. During our recent 2014 summer vacation I plucked up the courage to buy a cheval (horse) steak for the BBQ from the local supermarket – it was VERY good 🙂


It was a third of the price of beef steak and although being a slightly different texture, was just as good as the conventional meat! Nect time I’ve promised myself a steak tartare . . . I do have to build up more courage for this one though 😉


Businesswise, I started to dabble with Internet Marketing over 10 years ago. You name it I dabbled with safe lists and traffic exchanges to name but a few  . . .


I did have some early successes (I’ll never forget that first sale!) building up my lists and residual income promoting affiliate products . . .


I also managed to create a few products – but in the need (or was it greed?) for extra finaces, I sold the farm by offering Private label Rights (PLR) to the products – thats a good lesson to learn by the way – don’t devalue your products by offering no restriction PLR rights! You’ll see your products that you’ve sweated blood and shed tears all over the internet, being sold for virtually nothing.


There were also a few fairly successful memberships sites in my arsenal offering newbie training and another offering PLR blogs. This is when I learned some life lessons about JV partnerships . . . some good but on the other hand one in particular that had quite disastrous results!


This latter experience cuased a HUGE meltdown of personal confidence and more importantly my online income. These effects actually lasted a few years – until I started to get my act (and head) together.


Which brings us to the present day – actually, 2012 . . . and thats when things really started to happen in my life.


I had just created another product, eBay Riches (and had some success with it) when I started to notice some physical changes going on in in my body. I was starting to feel exceptionally tired, and boy, I started to really feel the cold like during that winter!


After many months of tests and various scans, in March 2013 I was diagnosed with an aggressive Non Hodgkins Lymphoma cancer.


Fortunately, they had caught the cancer in it’s early stages.


I went through 6 months of hell having several cycles of chemotherapy every 3 weeks. The effects on my body were not good at all.


It was during this period that a few affiliates noticed my product on JVZoo and promoted it to their lists. It managed to sell a few hundred extra copies which provided some much needed funds to help me through my cancer.


I managed to update the products when I could (in very, VERY short bursts of whatever energy I was able to muster), usually just before the next batch of chemotherapy treatment was due.


It was during these dark times that I was able to map out some new product ideas – one or two of them were based on successes I had in the early days.


However, because of my illness I didn’t have nowhere near enough energy to do anything with these plans, but vowed that one day I would.


At that time, I didnt realise it that these blueprints (actually they’re quite detailed mind maps) would eventually form part of what would become what I now call my ‘path to freedom’ projects  . . .


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